Kristina’s STORY


February 2013, the Collins’ moved to England to live by faith as missionaries.
Their ministry is growing richly and impacting the lives of many deeply.

“In every place I go I want to leave the love of God that is relevant and active. My heart is to see lives thriving and boldly pursuing Jesus” — Kristina

the things I ponder

Love should be the goal of your life, but you should also want to have the gifts that come from the Spirit. And the gift you should want most is to be able to prophesy.

— The Bible

This is the place where you can come with your cuppa and share with me the things I ponder. I love to bend my ear towards God. I love to listen to Him, to share His wisdom and the love He has for all people. To commune with Him like this makes me come alive and I become encouraged and inspired. I hope that you feel the same way too! So grab your favorite drink, relax and be inspired!





“I will put the key to David’s house around his neck. If he opens a door, no one will be able to close it. If he closes a door, no one will be able to open it.”



I’ve named you friends because I’ve let you in on everything I’ve heard from the Father. — John 15:15

Learn to walk with “YES” in your heart.

Kristina runs a number of different discipleship and training programs all geared at unlocking everyone’s God given abilities to hear and walk with Him more closely.


live out loud

Join the group two Fridays a month. For practical teaching and activation in a relaxed and lighthearted environment.


The Well

Kristina’s deep and dedicated discipleship course, digging down into God's word and practising walking with Him.


Receive A Word

Connect with Kristina and her trainees via Skype, Facetime or visit us in Poole to receive a word from God for free! 



Our new dance classes for all ages are starting in July. Click below to read more about our vision and book yourself in!