Love Beyond Limits


I seek, hunger, and thirst to know and understand the limitless love Jesus has for us. In Him we are adopted, we are not orphans! You and I have been chosen. We are FULLY ACCEPTED! Whoowa!

In Him you will find love without strings. He is the revealer of purpose. He is the one who empowers. He brings unity. He is the fountain that fills you to OVERFLOWING. He is the giver of the word… Your sword in battle. He is our intercessor, to see victory won! Stay strong! Stay focused! Don’t quit! He is love. His love for you is unending. He has many plans. Run to the high mountain, He is calling you to the high places. He is calling you to see the unseen, to believe the unbelievable! To see the captives set free, to see the oppressed filled with joy! To see the brokenhearted made whole. He is calling you to release the Kingdom.

It’s a new day… It’s a new season! God is bringing about catalytic change! Impossible circumstances are now made possible! Favor has gone before you! A door is open to you… Walk through it! Come up! Come up! Get ready for expansion! Get ready! The time is now. It is time to ACTIVATE the unseen and SEE it in the seen ;) dare to believe… He made you that way!