To Worship You I Live

“To worship you I live.” I have been singing these words and waking up to them for over a week now. I can’t seem to get them out of my heart. I have been pondering these five words over and over; they never seem to leave my thoughts.

To worship Him is to live, as I pondered about what that looks like in everyday life, I began to reflect on what He was doing in my own life.

To worship you I live
to worship you I live I live to worship you
To worship you I live
to worship you I live I live to worship you

I hear these words wake me up in the middle of the night. They are the words I hear Him sing back to me. Oh how precious are your thoughts toward us oh Lord… they are too many count. I feel so full of His love. As these words washed over my soul I could feel a shift in my perspective, my walk and my thoughts. I became so full that when I saw God's friends, his children I had to stop for the one.

It all started Monday, only I did not respond to the voice of God (I do not recommend this). I saw what looked like my friend Hans, only from behind he looked a little different and now he walks with a tri-wheeled walker, before he walked with canes. I never bothered to look behind me to see if it was him. I was a bit self-focused that morning. I had made a promise to God that I would stop for Hans every time I saw him. I did not even turn to look and see.

Tuesday rolled around and again I was out for my morning run and about mile and half into the run there was Hans. He moved himself off to the side because he was expecting me to stop and pray blessings over him. Hans had the biggest smile on his face. He made my heart melt. He seemed to be glowing with excitement when he saw us! We stopped and prayed for Hans and blessed him. I have been doing this with Hans for nearly two years now. I met him randomly while out running. He wanted the blessing. He wanted the connection with Heaven. This brought him life and it brought me life. To miss it the day before made me really think about the value of stopping for the one. I am thankful that God gave me another chance! To worship Him I live! This same day Paul and I met another man by the name of Felix, he is a fitness trainer. While I was training for my marathon, several months ago, Paul and I would always run into Felix at the end of the run and exchange hello's. I told the Lord the next time I saw him I would stop for this one and pray for him. Tuesday was that day! I could tell he had never experienced that before. I am always moved when a stranger says “yes, we can pray for them!” Felix said yes and God moved! We were able to bless the work of his hands among a few other things. Stopping for the one is what can bring change to the Earth!

This last story was super fun! Again I was out running and praying for the land. I saw her from a distance; she caught my eye right away. I did not stop right away, I passed her. I then heard God say to me, “Do you believe that you are called to bring spiritual reformation to this land?” Of course with that I then could hear the chorus “To worship you I live” I turned around and stopped for her. Carol allowed us to bless her and speak into areas only God knew about. It was precious. God met Carol right there early in the morning out on a walk with her dogs. She had a encounter that went deep into her heart and I believe I found a new friend :) treasures are everywhere!

All these stories happened in the same week. I wonder what would the earth look like if we became so intentional with our simple life.
All we need is a “yes” in our heart.

We are designed for the activity of heaven. To worship Him is to live. Deep unto deep will be drawn from heaven then from you!

To worship you I live…