Alignment with Truth Brings Freedom

Alignment with the side of TRUTH will bring a freedom to your soul and spirit. Alignment with the lies will bring your soul and spirit bondage and death. It's time to side with TRUTH. It is always time to side with truth. It is time to “ONLY BELIEVE” as Jesus commanded us to.

Accusations are the lies the enemy wants you to believe about yourself. Pull done the strongholds and bring them into the obedience of Christ. Starve the lies and feed the truth. You are created in His image. In His image you are created. All of Heaven was included in your God design!!!

I believe that we are going to see the greatest move of God! That move of God is in YOU. Out of YOUR belly flows the RIVERS of LIFE!

I believe that time is at an accelerated pace. Alignment with truth will cause this pace to be accelerated. The voice of the enemy has NO power of the voice of TRUTH. ALIGNMENT is key 🔑 We are in a season of more then enough. This season never goes away. God is always more then enough. It is in His character and design to always be more then enough. ONLY BELIEVE. It is so key to be in love with the perfect trinity. Remembering God as our Father, Christ as our Center for all things and let us invite Holy Spirit to breath Breath of Life back into the dry bones. Let us begin to walk by His Holy Spirit. Let us become people of His Holy Spirit!!! Holy Spirit fall on us! Even as these words are read. Fall Holy Spirit. Rejuvenate! Regenerate! Restore! Revive!

We are going to see the power of Christ moving on earth, like never before. ONLY BELIEVE. We are going to see miracles… financial miracles, creative miracles, miracles of restoration, miracles of reconciliation. Vision is being restored. Creativity is being awakened. New ideas. New ways of generating an income. Entrepreneurs are coming up from the ground just like the day day God created the heavens and earth. New relationships that will cause us to soar. New sounds and dimensions of sound. I can hear God say “Let there be”

Heaven is creating. Join Him as He is “saying” God said, “Let there be (fill in the blank)” What is the divine nature you are called to. Align your self with that nature and ONLY BELIEVE. LIFE AND DEATH IN THE TONGUE. Speak life that creates LIFE.

Doors that were shut — It is okay!!! New doors are being opened. This is a NEW TIME! New Wine! New! He is making all things new. He is not a lier! He is truth. He made covenant with you. You are a carrier of His promise seed. The river is in you watering that seed.

We are created for such a time as this. We are created to see the Kingdom here on earth. Now, not in another time but now. ONLY BELIEVE. We are created to see the more. We are created to do the greater. Cry out to Him, cry out for this move! Diligently seek Him. May we all be awakened. May the earth see the glory of the Lord. May unity bring us together in His love.

Awaken us God… awaken us. I am hungry! #onlybelieve

To the one who believes in Me, it is just as the Scripture has said:

Streams of living water will flow from within him. — John 7:38