Restoration. Reformation. Renewal.

Restoration. Reformation. Renewal. These words seem to be ringing like the bells of a church sitting high up on a hill. I hear the voice of the Lord saying, “I am restoring all things. I am paving a way for a refreshing and a renewal of my presence.” He is releasing His power and purity without measure. The sifting has begun so that the unshakable kingdom may be revealed. 

To restore means to bring back to a former or original condition. When something is restored in scriptures, however, it is always INCREASED, MULTIPLIED or IMPROVED! The new state looks different then the old! It is better!! It's improved! It has increased! GOD MULTIPLIES WHEN HE RESTORES! 

God is taking those that have felt like they went through the process of being forsaken, falsely accused, forgotten to FAVOUR! God has not forgotten. He is a God of increase! You are not an orphan. Orphans lack. Orphans feel rejected. Orphans never measure up. They always feel less then. You are not an orphan! You are a child of God. You carry all of Heaven. YOU ARE HIGHLY FAVOURED! You are being restored to the rule God had ordained for you. You are not forsaken but adopted! You are not forgotten but you are the apple of His eye! God's truth is making all things new!!! Favoured! Highly Favoured!