Appointing The Days

I had a dream this morning, in my dream; I heard God tell me to eat the lamb, at first I was hesitant to eat the lamb because I am a vegan. However, I realized I was dreaming and saw myself dreaming and so I ate the lamb as I was told to do. I then asked God, “Why are you having me eat the lamb?” I felt that He was saying that this is an appointed time in history. It was important for me to commune and take the lamb completely. Lambs are symbolic of sacrifice; I believe there is a call to present ourselves to Him as a LIVING sacrifice. He is the Lamb of God. As we align ourselves with the Lamb and commune with God we will see His power overcoming and defeating what has tried to intimidate us from the truth of victory. Whether that victory is in family, friendships or finances God will prosper you, because that is His nature. He is faithful to Himself and His word; therefore he is faithful to you. Eat the lamb – commune this day with Him. I never imagined myself speaking this way! I have been a vegetarian for twenty-three years and a vegan for nearly four of those years. I know that God is capturing my attention and I must share it.
After this dream I began praying and I heard the sound of many trumpets blowing, I did not only hear them but I saw them as well. I felt an immediate awakening in my body and soul and spirit. I heard Him say, “Alignment is key in this appointed time.” After this I looked and I saw the Lion, first walking very stately and then his walk turned into an authoritative march. I believe the Lion in the vision is symbolic of God imparting strength to endure the call! To be fearless, He is with you, marching ahead of you. He has sounded the trumpets for this time and season. You are appointed for such a time as this!

The Lion Has Roared

Amos 3
Listen to this, Israel (INSERT YOUR NAME).
GOD is calling you to account( ALIGNMENT)—and I mean ALL of you, everyone connected with the family that he delivered out of Egypt (YOUR PAST BOUNDAGES).

Listen! “Out of all the families on earth, I PICKED you. Therefore, because of your special calling, I’m holding you responsible for all your sins.” (Alignment) – (Repent, forgive and walk with love. BE IN UNITY WITH ONE ANOTHER)
Do two people walk hand in hand if they aren’t going to the same place?
Does a lion roar in the forest if there’s no carcass to devour? Does a young lion growl with pleasure if he hasn’t caught his supper? Does a bird fall to the ground
if it hasn’t been hit with a stone? Does a trap spring shut if nothing trips it?

When the alarm goes off in the city, aren’t people alarmed? And when disaster strikes the city, doesn’t GOD stand behind it? The fact is, GOD, the Master, does nothing without first telling his prophets the whole story.
The lion has roared— who isn’t frightened?
GOD has spoken—what prophet can keep quiet?

God lives outside of time. A boundary on time was presented in the natural world in the process of creation. Our creator lives outside of this realm and that spiritual realm is a place that God has invited us to live from, see from and process from. God has called us to see the unseen. Jesus gave us this example over and over. Our faith heroes showed us how they did it. Now it is our turn to do it. Remember we are not waiting for a move a God- we are a move of God. He is near… draw to Him, drink from Him, think from Him. See from Him.

Hear the sound of the trumpets; He is drawing our attention to the appointed time. We must gather and pray.

Psalm 90:12
Teach us to number our days that we may GAIN a heart of understanding.

God is not just merely asking us to number the days of our life but He is calling us to be intentional with our life, to hear the sounds of Heaven calling us higher then the ways of the world.

The Hebrew meaning for number is manah – “Teach us to manah our days” It means to: appoint, to prepare. We must begin to prepare our days. Even the days we cannot see. We must pray into those days. Let us not be a people that become passive about life and see what our days bring to us. But let us be a people that become people of intentionality and people who prepare and appoint the days ahead. If Mary could ask for wine before it was time… I wonder what God is opening our eyes to in this season. We can’t determine the outcome fully, but we can appoint the days in God and He can bring about what is good. We can consecrate the days ahead to have a purpose in God and that those purposes will be accomplished.

I once was told a story that someone was being intentional in way that was harmful to our family – they wanted to pray us out of a church, friendships and country. This is a harmful and unproductive prayer- But God wants us to pray life and abundantly. Let us not waste another day wasting even our prayers. But let us become intentional. Let us be UNITED. Let love win in the days ahead!

Let us not allow our days to determine our life, but let our life determine our days. Do not just let your days go by but appoint them – prepare them. Let the days ahead become vessels of blessing and life.

Appoint your days. Hear the sound of the trumpets blowing this day. The lion of Judah is sounding His roar and marching the land.

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