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Kristina is ordained through Vineyard. She lives in the UK with her family as missionaries and has a longing to see revival in the land. Her passion causes her to reach out with the love of Jesus and to stop for the one.

Kristina has a fervent love for the prophetic and is a revivalist missionary to the UK. She is bold and greatly focused in following the Holy Spirit’s call on her life — to walk out her faith and sow into this land. Through an anointing to speak prophetically into the lives of individuals, Kristina brings out the hidden gold inside each one. Kristina’s desire is to see hearts set free through his word, both in speaking and prophecy. She leans on the voice of the Lord when she ministers and through this God pours out His supernatural love, empowering His people.

It is always an honor and a privilege to be invited to any congregation. While Kristina never charges a fee, an honorarium is welcomed. We do ask you to cover travel expenses and accommodation where needed. She is open to invitations at any place with no preference for congregation size. Each invitation will be prayerfully considered.

It would be helpful to indicate how familiar you are with the ministry and what congregation you are from. As well as any specific event (speaking engagements, workshops, training and equipping, conferences) you may have in mind.


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