Live Out Loud

Be Trained and Equipped in the Prophetic

Live Out Loud is a place where one can come to be trained and equipped in the practice of hearing God. Kristina helps individuals to explore and expand their spiritual awareness of God speaking in everyday life, and provides insight into how to live and move naturally in it. She helps her students experience using and strengthening new spiritual muscles that everyone is able to develop, as we are all Children of God and are all designed to hear Him.

Prophecy can be a great tool to build up the Church, the people around us and also to encourage each other in love. This teaching is all about increasing your confidence in hearing His voice, understanding the biblical approach to prophecy and how we can all pursue this gift to the best of our abilities. Not everyone is called to be a prophet, but learning to hear God’s voice and to have faith in what you hear is an invaluable spiritual gift everyone can benefit from. Those attending are encouraged to take this back to their place of worship to use and to share with others in their own community.



“Live Out Loud was birthed in my living room with a small group in 2014. We were just a bunch of hungry people wanting to hear God in our everyday life. Since then the group has morphed into something we never expected. Folks come from all over Dorset, from London, Somerset and other places in the UK. We even have some students Skype into our meetings.

“We are a body of believers learning to hear God, we share what He says to new faces and to each other. We practice hearing God in a safe environment and watch people arrive to receive words, sometimes a little apprehensive, only to leave with their faces glowing feeling greatly encouraged.”

— Kristina

It is Kristina’s passion to see people grow above and beyond anything God has taught her. She loves to watch her students flourish. When it comes to the prophetic she has made this her staple scripture:

“Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.”

— 1 Corinthians 14:1


In Their Own Words

Perhaps the biggest outcome for me personally is the journey of the heart and change of lifestyle. I'm increasingly aware that the Lord wants to develop character and love in me. In a sense He wants us to be worthy carriers of the gift but, more than this, He loves us so much that He wants His word to be as pure as possible and yet he chooses to use us as imperfect vessels. We've been lovingly challenged to look for the gold in everyone and in the process have taken a fresh look at the gold in ourselves.

— Leo

Having Kristina mentor me is an exciting (slightly scary) experience, as she believes in learning by doing. A few weeks after doing Kingdom Life School she invited me to join a team to go on mission to India. Whilst there, on one occasion we were in a meeting during a Pastors' Prophetic Conference that Kristina was leading, I was sat quietly minding my own business at the back when one pastor said he had to leave immediately. Kristina asked him if he had received a prophetic word yet, as he had not. Then I heard: ‘Trev, come give this pastor a prophetic word now.’ I was taken by surprise and my mind was blank but I went to the front saying “God, what do you want to say” and I waited… God then gave me a word for the pastor. So that taught me that God is always faithful to give a word when needed. When we step up He steps in.

— Trevor

On the 6th Jan 2017 I travelled from London to Poole to be a part of a Prophetic Evening at the Collins’ home where Kristina was teaching and mentoring on the prophetic. 

The evening proved to be a night of confirmation and provoking a stretch and hunger for more. I left London with what I believed were important conversations with the Holy Spirit. Some of the things said felt crazy and far fetched. I asked questions and some were responded to and some I had to put question marks next to. 

Was the 3hr dark motorway drive worth it? Yes. I heard the same conversations that I had in private in London relayed to me and also some of the questions which I had put the question marks next to have now been answered. Now I travel down from London twice a month to be part of the Discipleship Training Class (Live Out Loud) where we sit under teaching and then give Prophetic Words to four people.

My confidence in who I am in Christ has grown. It’s a class where we can be vulnerable and make mistakes. A place where we can ask questions from people who have years of experience. A place where life is spoken.  A place where relationship is more important than gifts. 

— Nicky


upcoming sessions

All LOL sessions are on hold for the time,

Due to transition of moving country.

Watch this space for upcoming future sessions.


If you are interested in training with Kristina, please get in touch with us. We also offer training via Skype, so even if you can’t join us in Poole you won’t be out of the loop!



If you would like to know more about the prophetic lifestyle and Live Out Loud. Kristina is open to events, conferences, and one-day trainings.

She has a passion to train and equip the church locally and internationally. Live Out Loud will be coming to Bournemouth, England, La Rochelle, France and Miami, Florida. Check the itinerary for an event happening near you. Go to the invite page if you wish to book Kristina, be sure to indicate that you would like to host a Live Out Loud event.