Receive a Prophetic Word

The purpose of whatever you do should be to help everyone grow stronger in faith

As part of Kristina’s prophetic ministry, we are now offering people to get in touch with us either in person or via Skype to receive a word.

The word will come from the Live Out Loud team and will take around an hour; we rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit to reveal the heart of God for each individual. It is the desire of Kristina and the LOL team that each person will walk away from it encouraged, comforted and left with the feeling that they know that God is leading them in the right direction. Our belief is that God has come to fill the earth with His glory, that His name will be glorified and that we are ignited into a life filled with purpose and destiny. We believe each individual is a gold mine waiting to be discovered and that the prophetic has the ability to uncover the gold.

Does it cost anything to receive a word? “No way man!” Freely we receive and freely we give away!


Ready for your word? Please book using the form below. Please also be aware that we can be booked for months in advance, so it may take a while before you receive your timeslot. #goodthingscometothosewhowait ;)

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For more information about Kristina’s prophetic group, Live Out Loud, click here.