Kristina’s Story


I became radically saved through a pregnancy crisis center in Tampa, FL in 1992 and knew from then on, my life would be different. And so, my journey began… A tragic event that happened just months after my son Micah was born, left him mentally and physically disabled. Two years later, God began to draw me into worship dance; helping heal my broken heart. I look back and think, “Wow!” God took this off-balance athlete and created something quite beautiful. I remember going home sometimes after dance and just crying my eyes out to the Lord because I felt so different. But I wanted to be in this place with God; I wanted to feel Him dance with me. Over the years he molded me into something I thought I could never be. He took ashes and turned them into beauty. 

At His Feet was birthed in 2002 after a friend asked me to teach her things that God had taught me through the art form of dance and worship. For the next 10 years the dance ministry flourished and allowed us to reach the community and the nations. AHF put on several productions and many students of all ages participated. In addition, this led me to other arts like silk painting, making hand painted costumes and accessories — a God inspired brand called “Pneuma”. All these things drew me to many places where we could minister through the art form of dance. At this point I began to feel the great call to give away whatever revelation the Lord gives me.

Suddenly, the Spirit of God broke out over our hometown in Lakeland, Florida. Revival was taking place at the venue I was scheduled to speak at. Instead, I was given the opportunity to minister as a part of the outpouring. As a result, a passion had been stirred in my heart to seek revival across the nations. Following these events more invitations came to go to the UK. I traveled to Wales for the second time in 2008 and throughout England, during this time God began to speak to me and my husband Paul about one day moving to the UK. We began the prayer preparation as we waited for Him to release us. 

In 2012, we put our house up for sale and received our visas soon after. I then handed over my dance ministry of 10 years, Paul quit his job of 24 years, we sold everything and moved to the south of England. I now have had the pleasure to minister in various countries around Europe. God has been leading me to a life of radical obedience, pursuing him with my whole being. In every place I go I want to leave the love of God that is relevant and active. My heart is to see lives thriving and boldly pursuing Jesus:

“We love because He loved first.”  — 1 John 4:19

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